Spotted at 14 weeks 2 days.

8am. My alarm rang. Far too early! I nudged the husband who was still fast asleep. He woke up just long enough to murmur something unintelligible. I said, “Check-up today…..”. Still, murmurs. I decided to let him continue sleeping. Made my way to the hospital, which is only 10 minutes drive from home. The doctor [...]

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My beef with people washing car during water rationing!

I haven’t been hiding my feelings about people who wash their cars during this epic water rationing. I think it’s an incredibly selfish and uncultured behaviour! SHAME ON YOU! Seriously, we are having water shortage! That means there is not enough water for everyone for basic things like cooking, drinking, laundry and showering. What makes [...]

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Celine’s off the market!

After months of anticipation, the day finally arrived! Celine, one of my closest friends and her beau Jonathan have tied the knot! The day started with the obligatory torturing of the groom’s entourage of course. All in good fun :) # – Jonathan and bros about to face some challenges. # – Veiling by Cel’s [...]

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The day we found out.

This was written on  2.40am on 27 January 2014. I was sitting on my toilet bowl, emptying my bowel for the umpteenth time. ========== 7 days ago on the morning of 20 January 2014. All those haziness, emotions, fatigue, sore breasts, suspicions and violent belly gas in the past weeks had culminated into a strong [...]

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The most magical thing since running tap water….

… my Babyliss Pro Miracurl! It is a haircurler made for uncoordinated, clumsy, accident-prone women and men, just like myself! Husband gifted it to me at Xmas, I guess obsessively showing him Youtube videos of Babyliss Miracurl got through to him :)   I have bought conventional hair curlers before, but could never master using [...]

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The perfect air-conditioner with Sharp

The weather has become warmer than ever. Air-conditioner is now a necessity in every household. With escalating electricity tariff though, one has to think twice about switching on the air-con. Thankfully, energy-saving appliances are becoming the norm, especially appliances that consume high energy such as air-conditioners. Sharp’s range of inverter air-conditioners is the perfect choice [...]

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