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NUTRILITE™ All Plant Protein – drink to staying trim and young.

You’ve read about NUTRILITE™ All Plant Protein and all its goodness. As mentioned, NUTRILITE™ All Plant Protein provides a good source of protein to maintain optimal health. It is a truly wholesome complement to go with any food and beverage throughout the day. And it’s very convenient too as you can sprinkle it over food [...]

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Taking care of your lady bits.

Sorry. I don’t know how else to title this post. Hehe. # – This is me trying to look like I write this stuff all the time. Cool and confident, baby. Cool and confident! Ladies and gentlemen, some things are best left unsaid. This is NOT one of them. According to a good friend of [...]

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Happy Chinese New Year 2013

2013 CNY is so different for me because G and I have to give angpows out for the first time! All in all, I only received a total of 4 angpows this year – from my dad, mum, popo and awesome kaufu/kaumou :) # – My face packing angpows. Serious business. First day of CNY [...]

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Get healthy source of protein with NUTRILITE!

In general, most of us take supplements for health but protein is often overlooked. Perhaps it’s because most of us eat meats and eggs anyway, so we don’t really feel like its something worth fretting over. # – Chicken wings also protein right? As a woman, protein strengthens hair and prevents hair loss as well [...]

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How is married life?

Have been hearing this question over and over again from completely different people eversince we got married. My default answer is, “good” or “same”. I guess it’s a making small talk kinda question and people probably aren’t really that interested in finding out. Kind of like “How do you do?” but in a slightly more [...]

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