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And the day without wearable fresh clothes continues. 25 kilo worth of clothes still at the laundry FML.

Ladies and gents, OOTD15:

# – One hand holding phone.

# – Two hands holding phone.

Shirt from Forever21. Trousers from Bossini… bought in Singapore many years ago when wearing black trousers and a slutty bandeau was the de facto clubbing attire, personally speaking.

Bag is ri2k. Court heels from Payless Shoes.


There are stupids and then there are people who can’t even use a smartphone giving tech advice.



I cooked! Although it was a tried and tested dish and I have cooked it dozens of times, am happy I got my hands dirty.

# – Herbed roast chicken and buttered peas. Recipe here.

I really miss cooking :(

I miss being in my kitchen, my sanctuary. Putting different ingredients together and watching them transform in delicious food. Documenting my journey and experiments.

I love what I am doing but I wish I had more time and energy for making food.

Well, slowly but surely.

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