Hanging out with the girls

Simplicity and comfort, the order the day!

Ladies and gents, OOTD24:

# – Eyes on phone.


# – Leg out.


# – Eyes ahead.


This is a snug grey maxi dress that I wore as a top, bought from this website called Sally Fashion. Cheap and decent quality if you know what suits you. Jeans from Levi’s. Boat shoes from Bangkok and bag from ri2k.


Hung out with two of my oldest girlfriends – Jayna and Ying Ying. We have known each other since primary school.

We hadn’t stayed in touch consistently through the years and it’s kind of sad sometimes to realise we had missed out a lot about each other’s lives.

Whenever we see each other though, the conversations flow freely. It is the kind of bond you just don’t get with friendships you forge in your adulthood. Glad we are all making more effort now to meet up :)

Jayn and Ying’s birthdays are coming up soon and since I won’t be seeing either of them during the actual days, decided to take today’s opportunity in making a birthday cake.

# – Chocolate stout cake with peanut butter frosting.


Not the prettiest but taste very nice okay!

# – Happy birthday girls! Forever gorgeous!


Am going to be a bit cheesy and say

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  1. Jen June 28, 2013 at 11:20 pm #

    HAHAHA! Friends Remain And Never Can End :) Glad you have these awesome bosom buddies with you. The girlies will last you a lifetime!

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