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I love Tesco Online Malaysia’s mobile app!

It’s happening! I have started to waddle #pregnancy

These days, a trip to the grocery store is not really my cup of tea anymore. I much prefer to vege out on my sofa reading 50 Shades of Grey, which is the only literature my pregnant mushy brains could process nowadays.

Thank goodness Tesco has a great online shopping service and I don’t even need to get off my butt to use the computer as Tesco Online Malaysia has an amazing mobile app that works brilliantly.

# – Tesco Online Malaysia mobile app on my smartphone.

Now I can have essentials delivered right to my doorstep.

# – Simple and straight-forward interface.

The app loads incredibly fast, very easy to use and very practical. Best of all, you can scan your Tesco card straight onto the app, so there’s no need for tedious typing of the membership number.

There’s also this nifty product barcode scan feature on the app that is so useful! Lets say you’re at a friend’s house and you spotted something from Tesco that you would like to buy for yourself in the future, just use the app to scan it and save it to a list for future purchases.

# – Voila…all done. Now just make sure someone’s available at the delivery time to receive the goods.

Thank you Tesco Online Malaysia, works everytime!

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Shopping online with Tesco Malaysia – the best so far!

If you searched for “Tesco” on my blog, you will find that I have over 11 pages worth of blog posts with at least a mention of my favourite store. Yes, I am a huge fan of Tesco and so is my husband. We’ve shopped at Tesco for almost 10 years!

Our favourite section? Tesco Finest of course. But we also regularly buy staples like bread, cleaning solutions, toilet/kitchen rolls, wipes, sundries, fresh meat, toiletries and many more from Tesco.

I also LOVEEEEEE Tesco’s undies from their home brand F&F! #truestory

# – Me and my Tesco card!

Imagine our happiness when Tesco started implementing an online storefront at

The husband used to shop online on Tesco all the time when he was still in UK and it was one thing he really missed – getting groceries delivered right to his doorstep. Now, we can enjoy the same privilege in Malaysia!

# – Tesco’s eshop.

To be honest, I was quite nervous initially about the entire shopping experience. But my first online shopping experience with Tesco proved me wrong – it was straight-forward, easy and entirely free of stress. Don’t believe me?

Check out Tesco Delivery Lab to learn about the entire process.

# – Tesco Delivery Lab website…a fun and quick way to see how your entire online shopping experience at Tesco will be like; from product selections to processing to delivery to reaching your door.

Did you know that your groceries are handpicked and are selected based on the highest level of freshness? Also, all Tesco delivery trucks are outfitted with three temperature controlled compartments – Frozen (-16°C), Chilled (2°C), and Ambient (25°C)– to ensure that goods are delivered safe, fresh, and on time.

# – Check out the cool delivery truck that came to my house recently. You can clearly see the frozen, chilled and ambient compartments.

When shopping online with Tesco, you can choose to pay with credit card upon checking out of the website or pay with credit card upon delivery of goods. There is no cash involved, so it makes all transactions safe and reliable.

I must say Tesco has the best delivery staff too! They are always so friendly and helpful, never failed to carry all my goods inside :)

# – Thank you Tesco man!

Recently, I have been enjoying online shopping on Tesco using their incredibly well-made mobile app too! Seriously one of the best mobile shopping app in the market right now.But I’ll talk about that abit later.

# – Yes, indeed this has brought Tesco to my doorstep :)

Thank you Tesco for making my shopping experience with you even better now!

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The launch of Huawei Ascend P7 – 4G LTE smartphone

The Huawei Ascend P7 is finally here! I was at the launch of the 4G LTE-enabled smartphone and had first-hand experience with trying out the phone.

# – With pretty bloggers and Huawei’s gorgeous models!

# – The event began with a beautiful pianist playing a beautiful tune.

Then, Mr. Gary Xu, Country Director of Consumer Business Group, Huawei Technologies Malaysia officially unveiled the Huawei Ascend P7 to everyone at the event. Launched alongside Ascend P7 were other Huawei LTE devices including the Ascend G6, MediaPad X1, MediaPad M1 and the B1 TalkBand wearable.

# – Mr. Gary Xu unveiled the Ascend P7.

# – The arrival of the Ascend P7 was accompanied by various other LTE-enabled devices and a wearable.

The Ascend P7 is incredibly slim, in fact it’s one of the world’s slimmest 4G LTE smartphones in the world at 6.5mm thickness.

With a large 5-inch FHD touchscreen display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, the Ascend P7 screams stylish with its seven layered rear surface treatment, giving it a refined “spin effect” micro-pattern design.

Other than providing a sophisticated smartphone experience, the Ascend P7 offers a comfortable grip and has a strong Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 in both front and rear covers.

# – Ascend P7 upclose.

As a blogger, my favourite features of the Ascend P7 is of course the camera capabilities. It takes outstanding high
definition images with its 13MP non-spherical lens Back-illuminated sensor (BSI) rear-facing camera. Adopting the Image Signal Processor (ISP), the camera’s functions mimic those found in dSLRs!

As for speed of camera access, the rear-facing camera can be activated within 1.2 seconds of double-clicking the down volume button while the device is locked…that’s unbelievably fast.

For selfie (that’s self-taken portraits for those in the dark) lovers, the Ascend P7 is fitted with a massive 8MP non-spherical lens equipped with IMAGESmart 2.0 software. Designed to take better selfies with 10 level auto-facial enhancements in beauty mode, the 8MP front-facing camera impresses with the “groufie” function, which is similar to the standard landscape panoramic feature but made for taking large group portraits.

# – No more cropped faces! Look at how perfectly the Ascend P7 managed to magically capture 8 people in a picture!

# – Can you spot us?

The Ascend P7 retails for RM1499, an incredibly great price for such an all-rounder device. The superb quality of the hardware has really gotten me to seriously considering getting one as I am blogging more actively now and will need a smartphone with much better quality camera!

It will be available at all Huawei authorized stores and for more information, you can visit

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