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Happy 9th Anniversary to us!

Today marks the 9th anniversary of the day we officially set eyes on each other. We have had our challenges through the years, but we always emerge stronger and better. Looking forward to many more years with you, Gareth. I love you so much. # – Making our 9th Anniversary cake. Hehe.

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Wedding dress shopping

Dressed for comfort! # – Tramp chic. Top from hubs. H&M tube top worn inside which you can’t see. Shorts from don’t know where. Sandals from Ipanema Gisele Bundchen. Bag from Prada. ============ Waited for this day for a while cause it is the day where me and Whey Lu got to accompany Celine to [...]

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My husband cooks

Friday wheeeeee! # – Bad hair. What’s new? Top a preloved from Mel. Jeans from Zara. Sandals from Ipanema Gisele Bundchen. Bag from ri2k. ========== Husband has been cheering me up with homecooked meals :) Came home to the house smelling delicious and hubs being all mysterious about his cooking. # – He won’t tell [...]

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Start of a good week

OOTD52: # – Looking at the phone. # – Looking at myself. Top inherited from mom. Trousers from Bangkok. Wedges from Vincci. Bag from Louis Vuitton. ======== Husband said I can do whatever I want and eat whatever I want for a week…starting today hehe. The first thing I wanted to eat was deep fried [...]

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The hand

Still going through the latest acquisition from Bangkok. Ladies and ladies, OOTD34: # – Looking at my self. # – Looking at my phone. Dress from Chatuchak, only RM15! Shoes from Tesco Lotus hehe. Belt from Platinum and bag from ri2k. ======= I had just gotten back from Bangkok – 5 days away from the [...]

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The subject of divorce

Feeling all nostalgic and stuff for an era I was never in :P Here we go, OOTD26: # – Eyes on phone. # – Eyes ahead. # – Eyes back on phone. Retro minidress trifted in Bangkok. Love it! Peeptoes from Vincci. Bag from ri2k. ======== Even after almost a decade together, I still find [...]

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How is married life?

Have been hearing this question over and over again from completely different people eversince we got married. My default answer is, “good” or “same”. I guess it’s a making small talk kinda question and people probably aren’t really that interested in finding out. Kind of like “How do you do?” but in a slightly more [...]

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A special 7th anniversary :)

Today marks our 7th anniversary. 2555 days after the faithful day that Gareth and I met for the first time at KL Sentral. It’s quite unbelievable to think that we’ve spent the past 7 years together because I still feel ridiculously in love every single day. I believe he feels the same way too la…. [...]

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Happiness is when:

# – you pose with your left shoulder out & I pose with my right shoulder out. # – you eat fried rice & I eat fried noodles. # – you drink beer & I drink soda water. # – sometimes, we eat the same thing. # – you and I are together.

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My bf’s mom. I think of her as my mother from another brother. Ok, that came out really sick but you get the gist. We have a great relationship. I don’t think many people get to say that about their partners’ mothers so yeah, I feel very lucky :) She’s down to earth, she makes [...]

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