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Last weekday for the year!

Since it’s Friday and the last weekday of 2011, I thought I’d post up some pictures. # – On the way to our marriage registration. Probably around 7am? We didn’t sleep at all cause we were too excited. Around 9am, we drove home from Putrajaya, still unmarried because G was wearing jeans. They won’t budge [...]

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Merry Xmas 2011!

Merry Xmas!! This is gonna be a short one as I scurry off to prepare an epic sit down dinner for 22 people (which was initially conceived as a dinner for 10+ people nyahahhaha)! In the meantime, have a good, laughter filled, Merry Christmas from us:

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Digital cleansing.

Okay, I guess you can call this a token post to alleviate my concerns about this turning into a cooking blog. Not that there’s anything wrong with a cooking blog, but I don’t think I’m ready to make the transition from “lifestyle” to “cooking” quite so soon yet. We’ve started on a digital cleansing programme [...]

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Cuteness overloads.

Since I have no blogging material today, I shall post pictures of my cute cousin sisters! These pictures of Qian Jie and her elder sister Qian Nie were taken weeks ago at my family’s annual winter solstice dinner. Qian Jie is a bundle of energy. It was almost impossible to capture a still picture of [...]

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I’m a porcelain princess.

Okay, I haven’t managed to get to download pictures from my camera yet so you’ll have to contend with yet another half arsed blog post from me. At least I won’t be posting up terrible pictures from my phone in this one. Sometimes, the planets align in a magnificent way. Relaxing at home, perfect humidity [...]

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Random Snippets

Am blogging from my crackberry again. I can’t remember the last time I blogged from a proper computer. Been really busy since last week. You probably are aware that we’re in the midst of moving houses. As we live only 5 minutes from our new place, we’re taking unusually long time to move out. In [...]

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