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Hello Henry!

A few days ago, I took Suzy for one final wash by little old me. While watching it being washed down by those good fellas at our neighbourhood petrol station, I felt a tinge of sadness. I really enjoyed Suzy. It took corners beautifully, it’s zippy, it’s pretty. It could be fast too, I had [...]

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BMW EfficientDynamics – Day 2

This is a continuation of my last post on BWM EfficientDynamics. After the awesome night of food, jenga and bubblies, we had to wake up very early for a mysterious activity. They wouldn’t tell us what it was but as we eventually found out, we’re going rafting! Bamboo rafting!! #1 – Bamboo rafting! So old [...]

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BMW EfficientDynamics – Day 1

I love driving. Fast. My personal record was doing a 3-hour from Johor Bahru to Petaling Jaya, and I stopped for a nice lunch & two big scoops of Baskin Robbins for dessert. I’ve been a passenger in a rally car in action, doing 90kmh at a 90 degree corner…man, I live for things like [...]

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I just bought a car (kinda).

Today I paid the booking fees to the first ever car I’d own with my hard-earned $$$. I was bent on getting a car today and I made it happened. In the morning I took several hours to print all the necessary payslips, bank statements etc; bad decision cause I ended up causing emoCharlie, Ah [...]

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Car conundrum.

I’m about to make the biggest personal purchase of my life. A car. A freaking car that will depreciate by half in 5 years (yikes). Here’s my problem. I can’t bring myself to buy just any car. One that I can actually afford. One that is reliable and have high resale value but oh so [...]

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