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And normal ootd posts resume…. # – One leg out. Green dress inherited from Mom. Boat shoes from Bangkok. Bag from ri2k. ======= Woke up fine and headed straight to work. By 3pm I felt like a zombie but pushed on… Finally got home. Half dead. I was looking forward most to picking Charlie up. [...]

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The canine way of life

Busted out my smurf dress. .. # – Looking at the phone. # – Not really looking at the phone. # – Looking at the phone again. Dress from some shop in Kenanga. Belt from Bangkok. Heels from Payless Shoes. Bag from ri2k. ====== Our guilty dog. This is him after being caught spoiling our [...]

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Time for Charlie

Animal print, my favourite time of the week :D Ladies & gents, OOTD20: # – Looking at the phone. # – Not looking at the phone. Dress was a gift from Sham. She knows me well! It’s become one of my favourite dresses, I wear it so often! Boat shoes bought in Bangkok, chosen by [...]

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Charlie & friends to start the week.

Been a while since I last posted about Charlie, my furry son. So…I’m going to break that drought. Here are some pictures taken of him over the past few months to start your week with. Just because Charlie is awesome. True story. I’ve included pictures of other pups as well, cause they’re just too cute [...]

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Snoring Charlie and a MAD deal

We like watching tv with the volume turned up all the way. It’s not that we’re deaf but we just prefer not to be able to hear other sounds that don’t belong to the show we’re watching. Unfortunately, no speaker in the world is able to drown out Charlie’s snoring. Seriously… Is this even normal?? [...]

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I woke up really late today. And the first thing that greeted me was nasty pungent air. Charlie did a number one on the sofa, on ST‘s favourite seat, no less. I didn’t even notice it at first cause our sofa’s are yellow in colour but I could see urine footsteps all over the house. [...]

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Happy 2nd Birthday, Charlie!

It was supposed to be an unmemorable trip to the pet shop to buy some treats for Sisi. As soon as I caught your little face peeking out from the tiny cage, I knew you were mine. Granny and daddy advised mummy not to get you, as I had just started a new job and [...]

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Sasa has been diagnosed with distemper and parvo virus a few weeks ago. She seemed to be making good progress till this afternoon, where she suffered her 1st seizure. This means her distemper has progressed to a neurological stage, which really means it’s affecting her brains and chances of her pulling through is now next [...]

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