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My 2013 in a large nutshell

The time has come to review my 2013. What a good year! We travelled a bit, cooked a bit and generally figured out more about life. Rather than rambling on, here goes: January 2013 ============ January started out really, really well. A bunch of good friends and the husband got together to give me the [...]

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Me and babies.

The topic of having children have come up multiple times during my almost decade-old relationship with Gareth. Very early on, we decided that we would put off having children for as long as possible for a few reasons – too expensive, too inconvenient, too much work, too painful etc etc etc. Our beliefs were further [...]

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I love you 20s

Feeling a bit loud today… # – Looking at myself. # – Looking at the phone. # – No scarf. Top nicked from husband. Jeans from Forever21. Belt from Bangkok. Pashmina can’t remember from where. Wedges from Vincci. Bag from ri2k. ========== The final leg of my 20s. Wow. I still feel remember my 21st [...]

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On our ROM day

Monday bloody Monday. The only appropriate colour is black. Of course, feel free to disagree with me. # – Crossed legs. # – Bent leg. Dress from H&M. Shoes from Tesco Lotus and bag from ri2k. Watch is Casio G-Shock. ====== I can’t believe it’s almost coming to a year since our wedding back in [...]

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Why don’t I just wear a dress as a dress? Because the black bled into the beige and made me look like I peed myself. So, I put on trousers and tuck the offending bits in :P OOTD27: # – Left crossed. # – None crossed. # – Right crossed Top is actually a dress [...]

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It is the weather

There were many aspects of my physical appearance that I struggled with and I have managed to overcome them over the years. The business of my hair though is still an issue to this day. I dont think I have ever been truly happy with my hair. It is probably weird but I think I [...]

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Food related emo

And the day without wearable fresh clothes continues. 25 kilo worth of clothes still at the laundry FML. Ladies and gents, OOTD15: # – One hand holding phone. # – Two hands holding phone. Shirt from Forever21. Trousers from Bossini… bought in Singapore many years ago when wearing black trousers and a slutty bandeau was [...]

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My Mom and her story of chives.

Had steamboat dinner with my Mom today. We ate chive dumplings, which reminded mom of something from her childhood. According to Mom, when she was a small girl, she used to keep a coin in her mouth. It drove my granny crazy! I asked Mom why she did such a gross thing and she said [...]

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I will change.

When it comes to relationships with other people, don’t focus on what their motives or intentions are. Don’t focus on their speeches. Focus on their actions instead. Actions are tangible while thoughts and speeches are not. Because you will never, ever truly know what people’s minds are thinking….you will just end up hurting yourself & [...]

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Shit my mom says

I’ve always told people that I have no desire to have any daughter because of how I was when I was a child. Calling my younger self a nightmare is an understatement. Ran away from home. Played truant. Intercepted letters from school addressed to my parents for playing truant. Did badly in school. Eating disorders. [...]

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