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Idyllic Sunday

Lazy weekend clothes… # – Looking at myself. # – Looking at my phone. My Sienna Miller-esque lazy top from Nichii. Shorts from can’t remember where. Pouch from YSL perfume. Sandals from Ipanema Gisele Bundchen. ============ Had a nice idyllic Sunday. We woke up for a nice brunch at Fierce Curry House then went looking [...]

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Warwick Avenue

Feeling all pattern loud again. Also feeling lazy about my hair so hairband timeeeee. Hurhurhur. # Leg bent. # – Legs straight. Wooly top trifted in Bangkok. Striped skinny from Bangkok too. Shoes also Bangkok. Hairband also Bangkok lol. Bag from ri2k. ========= I love singing! One of my resolutions since 2012 was to go [...]

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My 2 favourite blogs of June 2011.

Today, I’ve made a decision to share the blogs that I enjoy reading, at least once a month. Reading these blogs make me happy and I hope they’ll make you happy too :D Being a cooking enthusiast, there’s no doubt you’ll be seeing a lot of food/cooking blogs but hey, I have other interests too [...]

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Inception and what inspires me.

I am currently suffering from writer’s block. I had written so much things in the past few days; advertorials, press releases, proposals, blog posts that my brains are incapable of churning out anything anymore. So what’s the obvious thing to do? Whinge about it on Twitter of course and hope to receive some suggestions. And [...]

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