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When not to use shaving cream

Leopard print! Was secretly an animal print fiend. The only thing stopping me from wearing everything reopard plint is my intellect. It is a constant battle everyday, seriously. Everyone, OOTD13: # – Leg bent. # – Leg not bent. Dress I bought eons ago from Nichii, you have probably seen me wore it a few [...]

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Better be dorky than sorry.

Some bastard knocked my car’s side mirror out clean. My heart bled for my suzy but shit happens. # – Wu wu wu wu wu. I don’t realise how much I use my mirrors until I lost one. I couldn’t drive. On top of that, it was raining. I passed driving duty to the BF. [...]

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Imaginary bun in the oven.

Okay, I didn’t even tweet about what I was worried about because I was not sure what I might do if I did get pregnant. I’ve had regular periods since I was 12. They were often annoying and painful but never failed to show up. Last month I had a particularly bad episode so a [...]

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This sucks!

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate using the vacuum cleaner? It is clunky and heavy. It always get stuck behind a furniture or worse, turn turtle when you yank it a little too hard. The cable always get twisted into dozens of crazy knots. I fucking hate it. But yet, having a head [...]

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How to sing like Jacky Cheung.

I was teaching my boyfriend how to sing with a fake vibrato, so his voice would pulsate not unlike a professional singer. What is a vibrato? You know Jacky Cheung, the famous Hong Kong male singer? He has a very distinguishable vibrato voice. So anyway, in order to sing with a vibrato, I told my [...]

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Stupid Friday.

Gahhhh what a bad day! Went for lunch with ST and Kerol at Seremban Favourites. Then in the middle of makan, ST’s tooth filling fell out -_-. So instead of going home, I took him to the dentist. Thing is, I don’t really like going to that particular dental clinic because the parking is horrendous. [...]

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I have an imaginary fiancee

I had a weird dream. In it I was in a family gathering where I was meeting up with my fiancee’s family members and friends for the 1st time. The thing is I have completely no freakin’ idea who this fiancee was. I mean, I could see his face and all but I have never [...]

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SPM fever

I was thinking of a semi-interesting filler to post up but couldn’t. Work is really draining me mentally but that said, I’ve never been happier. Anyway, while stalking random people on Facebook, I stumbled upon a set of pictures. #1 #2 #3 Ladies & gentlemen, these are pictures of my youngest brother, Nicklaus, doing some [...]

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a trip to the hills but saw some valleys.

joined my parents in genting over the weekends. bak kut teh with loads of pork tripes. that’s what my dad used to convince me to drive up alone. well not entirely alone i guess since i had charlie to accompany me. charles experienced his inaugural face slams thanks to his mommy trying to play michael [...]

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