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What I cooked for Winter Solstice dinner celebration 2013

My family decided to celebrate Winter Solstice earlier this year because of its proximity to Christmas. I was in charge of cooking, while hubs was in charge of cleaning the house. I made a 9-course dinner. ====== For appetiser, I made a cold dish called Chicken Crystal Jelly, which is an aspic. I added blanched [...]

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Working weekend

This is my work uniform actually hehehe. Nope, not a Starbucks barista. # – Dark side. Top from work. Trousers from Singapore a long time ago. Shoes from Onitsuka Tiger. Pouch from YSL perfume. ============ After having hubs cooking for me for several days it’s time for me to cook for him in return. # [...]

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My milkshake

Wish I was born a morning person T_T # – Stoning…. Dress and top from a charity bazaar. Wedges from Vincci. Bag from ri2k. ========== One of them days where I can’t seem to find the point of doing this, day in and day out. I don’t want to be there and when I’m there [...]

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Homemade chowder

It’s a wrinkled kind of day….too lazy to steam my dress :P # – Leg bent. Dress from Calvin Klein, got it at a steal many years ago. Shoes from Bangkok. Bag from ri2k. Don’t know why I didn’t put down the bottle of water before snapping this picture. ======== Too lazy to eat out [...]

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Just another manic Monday…woooooo # – Leg bent. Dress a gift. Shoes from Bangkok. Bag from ri2k. I need to wear more heels…. ======== It’s clearing out the fridge day. And for us that meant cheeses!!!! So glad my husband lovesssss cheese as much as I do. Stinky gooey cheeses. # – Favorite way of [...]

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Homecooked food

Woohoo I live Fridays! # – Smile awkwardly. Dress worn as top from Sally Fashion. Jeans from Zara. Flats from Hanoi. Bag from ri2k. ============== Productive day at work. No complaints. Was stuck in jam on the way home and was worried that dinner would be even later as I was supposed to cook. However, [...]

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Saturday night in

It’s stay at home with husband day so just put on this comfy dress. # – Looking at the phone. Dress from a charity bazaar. Bag from Longchamp. Sandals from Ipanema Gisele Bundchen. ====== Cooked chicken kebab and made hummus for dinner today. # – Chicken kebab and hummus. The kebab recipe here and hummus [...]

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How much do I love dairy

Dressed like it is casual Friday cause it is last working day of the week. W00t! # – Looking at the phone. # – Looking at myself. # – Looking at the phone again. Grey dress from Sally Fashion. Leggings from Brand Outlet in Ikano. Sandals from Ipanema Gisele Bundchen. Bag from ri2k. Necklace from [...]

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Apple pie

Woke up with really bad hair so had to wear a hairband :P # – All straight. # – All out. # – All wide. Dress with paper boat motives bought in Chatuchak, red belt too. Shoes bought in Hanoi and bag from ri2k. # – Paper boat. ========= I wanted to blog about the [...]

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