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Stuffed meatballs

I love casual Fridays! Fellow Friday lovers, OOTD17: # – Eyes on phone. # – Eyes not on phone. # – Eyes on phone again. Stripey top from Zara. Jeans from Levi’s. Shoes from Payless Shoes. Yeah, if you haven’t noticed I freakin love Payless Shoes for its good quality shoes at fraction of the [...]

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Homemade buffalo burger patties.

Since I’ve posted about how to make burger buns, it’s only natural to follow up with how I made the burger patties. Everytime after I’ve made things like meatballs or burgers, I do get to wonder why people buy the frozen stuff. Firstly, you’d have to thaw them and secondly, they taste gross. It’s almost [...]

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Spicy buffalo meatballs recipe.

Two reasons to eat buffalo meat: 1.they are quite lean. 2.they taste surprisingly beefy. 3.they are cheappppp! Yeah they are ridiculously cheap! The same amount of beef would have cost me more than double minimum, depending on its source. So cheap I just had to try buffalo out, who knows I might just discover a [...]

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Today I chanced upon a curious thing called “Indian Buffalo Mince” at the supermarket. Bought 2 packets out of sheer curiosity without really knowing what to do with them. I’ve done things like this before, buying stuff due to curiousity. 2 kilos of liquid glucose, still unused and nasty vegetable shortening which I had used [...]

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Spicy beef biryani recipe.

This is a recipe from Ben O’Donoghue and I was THRILLED with the results. I made a few changes, things like changing saffron to tumeric (too expensive), getting rid of mint leaves (couldn’t find any) and conveniently forgetting bay leaves (old age). Yet, the biryani was absolutely delicious! # – Made it for a family [...]

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Mustard beef pie, a recipe to impress.

This dish was actually inspired by Rachel Allen’s Individual Beef Wellington, which I saw her made in her show, Rachel Allen’s Dinner Parties. Thing was, all I had in hand was minced beef so instead of a traditional Beef Wellington, I made Mustard Beef Pie instead :D Still, if it weren’t for Rachel Allen, I [...]

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A kickass beef lasagna borne out of true love.

I tend to avoid ordering lasagna when I’m eating out because they often turn out to be too try, too tart or just downright nasty. So my BF has decided that the only way to get me to appreciate Garfield’s favourite food is to make them at home. And what do you know….he makes the [...]

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