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Recipe for luxurious bread & butter pudding.

There are always opportunities to make bread & butter pudding in this household. Since it’s just the two of us, we almost always have more than half a loaf of near expiring bread in our kitchen. Bread & butter pudding is easy to make and so delicious in spite of the minimal effort involved. I [...]

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Easy poppy seed burger buns recipe.

Yeah, I can be a little snobbish when it comes to making homemade burgers. I always insist on serving them with homemade buns. Just something about using store bought buns that make me feel like I can’t really call the burgers homemade. That’s probably why I’ve only ever made homemade burgers twice so far, hehehe. [...]

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This is truly the easiest focaccia recipe.

I’ve never in my life made bread. What took me so long? Fear. Why now? Why not? Okay, I confess. I adapted a recipe that claims it’s the easiest. I’m a sucker for titles like that…so here are the ingredients…. 1 teaspoon white sugar 10gm of active dry yeast 80ml of warm water 450gm of [...]

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Awesomesauce Golden Treasure Puff.

I’m sorry but I have an incurable habit of giving my recipes tacky names. It rained really heavily in the afternoon today so instead of going out for lunch I decided to cook. As I don’t have many stuff in the pantry, I don’t even have eggs or onions for goodness’ sake, I decided to [...]

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