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Macaron Attempt Episode 1

I had gotten a bag of ground almonds at a steal last weekend. All I could think about was macarons. I made them, I was very clear about the flavours…I wanted After Eight inspired macarons. I whipped some melted dark chocolates and cream for the most decadent chocolate ganache filling. My macarons actually didn’t look [...]

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My cheese baked rice that was not :(

I was really excited about making this dish. My boyfriend absolutely loves it. Whenever we visit one of those Hong Kong themed restaurants, he never fails to order this. One layer of cooked rice, followed by a layer of meat sauce then topped off with cheese and baked till top is bubbly. Easy right? So [...]

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The story of profitecakes.

I’m starting a new category under Homemade Recipes and it’s called….. COOKING FAILURES. Instead of being ashamed of my kitchen failures, I might as well document these in my blog so that: 1. I can always refer back to these posts to make sure I don’t repeat the same mistakes. 2. I can at least [...]

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