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What I cooked for Winter Solstice dinner celebration 2013

My family decided to celebrate Winter Solstice earlier this year because of its proximity to Christmas. I was in charge of cooking, while hubs was in charge of cleaning the house. I made a 9-course dinner. ====== For appetiser, I made a cold dish called Chicken Crystal Jelly, which is an aspic. I added blanched [...]

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Apple pie

Woke up with really bad hair so had to wear a hairband :P # – All straight. # – All out. # – All wide. Dress with paper boat motives bought in Chatuchak, red belt too. Shoes bought in Hanoi and bag from ri2k. # – Paper boat. ========= I wanted to blog about the [...]

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Recipe for luxurious bread & butter pudding.

There are always opportunities to make bread & butter pudding in this household. Since it’s just the two of us, we almost always have more than half a loaf of near expiring bread in our kitchen. Bread & butter pudding is easy to make and so delicious in spite of the minimal effort involved. I [...]

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The awesome healthy(ier) sticky date pudding.

I want to write something funny and engaging to accompany this recipe but sorry, I can’t. I am currently in a situation of what you would call, “being in a rut”, where I self-loath and watch a lot of America’s Next Top Model, subsequently hating myself even more due to the inability to stop myself [...]

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Alexis inspired Tiramisu Cake recipe

Gawd this is the longest gawddamn recipe I’ve ever written here. It took me literally weeks just to get my arse around to sort the pictures out. One of my most favourite cakes in the world is the tiramisu cake from Alexis. Being an avid home baker, of course it’s only a matter of time [...]

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My man made scones! Here’s the recipe :)

We had a sudden craving for cream tea last night. Okay, actually only the BF did, but he successfully performed “sconeception”. I was a little hesitant at first due to the sheer numbers of calories involved but when the man offered to make the scones from scratch, I was sold. # – Scones with jam [...]

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Make your own crunchy caramel popcorn!!!

It started with Fiqa bringing back some Garrett’s popcorn from Singapore for us to try. OMG the popcorn was gorgeous!! But since we were sharing the popcorn and I’m like really chinese when it comes to stuff like this, I didn’t eat more. I pretended that I was considerate and that I cared about my [...]

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The Orange English Trifle.

It is compulsory for me to make an english trifle since I’m dating an Englishman. Besides, I LOVE trifle. It’s easy to make and it’s so decadent and delicious. # – The Orange English Trifle. I decided to make trifle the easy way, by using all store bought ingredients rather than making the ingredients from [...]

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Salted chunky chocolate chip cookies recipe.

This has totally become one of my favourite recipes. I have made it 3 times and I’ll probably make it again later today. # – Salted chunky chocolate chip cookies. The recipe works everytime! Want cookies that are not so sweet, crispy on the outside, chewy in the middle with melty chunky choocolate oozing out? [...]

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