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Slightly elaborate Instagram updates with a Tomato & Ham Pasta recipe.

Do you know what this is? # – Take a guess. It’s a pet overall that my mom has fashioned out of a pair of old granny pants. My mom even made a hole for the tail…it is freakin’ brilliant! ========== This is Charlie looking absolutely miffed because I tied his patch of hair up. [...]

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Spicy buffalo meatballs recipe.

Two reasons to eat buffalo meat: 1.they are quite lean. 2.they taste surprisingly beefy. 3.they are cheappppp! Yeah they are ridiculously cheap! The same amount of beef would have cost me more than double minimum, depending on its source. So cheap I just had to try buffalo out, who knows I might just discover a [...]

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Stuffed pork meatballs pasta recipe.

This is actually quite similar to my first pork meatball attempt. However, I ommited the chillies and added something else…cheese! Specifically, cream cheese which I had cut into cubes and stuffed into the middle of the meatball. It was awesome!!! I wasn’t really into cheese stuffed meatballs at restaurants because they tend to use gooey [...]

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Lemon chicken couscous recipe.

I don’t know why…but I had always thought couscous was a nightmare to cook. Never mind I had never cooked it before. Maybe it’s because good couscous can be so amazingly fluffy and light….which got me to assume that it’d take a lot of skills to produce good couscous. How wrong was I! Recently, I [...]

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