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What I cooked for Winter Solstice dinner celebration 2013

My family decided to celebrate Winter Solstice earlier this year because of its proximity to Christmas. I was in charge of cooking, while hubs was in charge of cleaning the house. I made a 9-course dinner. ====== For appetiser, I made a cold dish called Chicken Crystal Jelly, which is an aspic. I added blanched [...]

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Working weekend

This is my work uniform actually hehehe. Nope, not a Starbucks barista. # – Dark side. Top from work. Trousers from Singapore a long time ago. Shoes from Onitsuka Tiger. Pouch from YSL perfume. ============ After having hubs cooking for me for several days it’s time for me to cook for him in return. # [...]

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Slow carb friendly – Peri-peri pork kebabs.

If you’ve made the peri-peri sauce that I’ve blogged about before, this recipe would be super stress-less to make! I made about 1 litre of peri-peri sauce last week and it’s such a superb concoction! Great as dipping sauce as well as a marinade. # – Peri-peri pork kebabs. And so….I decided to make these [...]

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Honey mustard baby back ribs recipe.

Going to steal a line from KFC here. These ribs were finger lickin’ good! The method of cooking these ribs is quite similar to my first attempt, the sweet and sticky ribs. I wanted a marinade that doesn’t have so much sugar and after a bit of research I stumbled upon a recipe supposedly by [...]

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Sweet and sticky baby back ribs recipe.

I am extremely pleased with this recipe! It’s quite simple to make really and the baby back ribs were juicy, succulent, flavourful and practically falling off the bones. It was so delicious, I honestly wish I had made MORE! It made me want to eat baby back ribs everyday! # – Sweet and sticky baby [...]

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Simple sauteed cabbage with bacon.

What’s the easiest way to make a boring vegetable totally addictive and delicious? Why….add bacon of course!!!! :D # – Simple sauteed cabbage with bacon. The ingredients: 4-5 slices of pork bacon, cut into strips 1 onion, sliced 1 cabbage (or 3 small ones), cleaned and sliced # – First, slice up the cabbage. # [...]

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Salted plum pork chop recipe

This was an experiment that turned out really well. I wanted to grill some pork chops but was unsure of what to marinade the chops in. When I opened my fridge, the bottle of salted plums called out to me. I love salted plums! I use them for this salted plum lemonade drink that is [...]

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Stuffed pork meatballs pasta recipe.

This is actually quite similar to my first pork meatball attempt. However, I ommited the chillies and added something else…cheese! Specifically, cream cheese which I had cut into cubes and stuffed into the middle of the meatball. It was awesome!!! I wasn’t really into cheese stuffed meatballs at restaurants because they tend to use gooey [...]

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