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Saturday night in

It’s stay at home with husband day so just put on this comfy dress. # – Looking at the phone. Dress from a charity bazaar. Bag from Longchamp. Sandals from Ipanema Gisele Bundchen. ====== Cooked chicken kebab and made hummus for dinner today. # – Chicken kebab and hummus. The kebab recipe here and hummus [...]

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First day in Bangkok with mom

Dressed comfortably for a plane ride. OOTD29: # – With sunglasses. # – Without sunglasses. Black maxi dress from Sally Fashion. Cheap, cheerful and comfortable. Sandals from Ipanema Gisele Bundchen, bag from Longchamp and sunglasses from Bazarro. # – I bought it for the hoodie. ======= As you probably have known, am on holiday with [...]

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Homemade jaffa cakes recipe.

One of my favourite British snacks, besides pork scratchings, is jaffa cake. The half biscuit half cake chocolatey orangey combo is addictive, perfect with a milky mug of hot tea. If you’re the sort of person that likes chocolate and orange together, you’d LOVE jaffa cakes. # – Jaffa cakes! Here, I get my jaffa [...]

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My man made scones! Here’s the recipe :)

We had a sudden craving for cream tea last night. Okay, actually only the BF did, but he successfully performed “sconeception”. I was a little hesitant at first due to the sheer numbers of calories involved but when the man offered to make the scones from scratch, I was sold. # – Scones with jam [...]

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Make your own crunchy caramel popcorn!!!

It started with Fiqa bringing back some Garrett’s popcorn from Singapore for us to try. OMG the popcorn was gorgeous!! But since we were sharing the popcorn and I’m like really chinese when it comes to stuff like this, I didn’t eat more. I pretended that I was considerate and that I cared about my [...]

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Ham & gherkin puff with mustard and blue cheese recipe.

I’ve been refraining from making anything that involves puff pastry because frozen puff pastry are quite expensive in Malaysia, mainly cause they’re imported. I know, I should attempt to make my own puff pastry but I’m really bad with pastry :P # – Ham & gherkin puff with mustard and blue cheese. Recently I discovered [...]

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Vietnamese spring roll recipe by Chef Tran Cong Tien.

Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur has specially brought in 3 guest chefs from Sheraton Saigon to create authentic Vietnamese cuisine in conjunction with their Experience Vietnam campaign. # – Le Meridien’s Executive Chef, Chef Antoine Rodriguez introducing Chef Tran Cong Tien, Chef Nguyen Thi Duy and Chef Bui Van Tien Dong. # – Experience Vietnam by [...]

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Savoury salted roasted peanuts and onion cookies, a successful experimental recipe.

I was craving for something savoury but all I’ve got in the pantry were sweet, chocolatey stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sweet, chocolatey snacks but today in particular I wanted to nibble on something crunchy, fragrant and a little salty. So I threw together some ingredients and made…salted roasted peanuts & onion [...]

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How to make surprise marbled Easter eggs.

Okay, I’ve got a confession to make. I don’t really celebrate Easter. I don’t really know why it’s celebrated either but please feel free to educate me in the comments below. What I know is that it’s associated with rabbits, chocolates and eggs. I like rabbits, chocolates and eggs so I guess that makes me [...]

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