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Cooking risotto

Don’t judge! A girl has gotta slum it out sometimes…. OOTD19: # – My Sunday best. Free t-shirt from hubs with complimentary chocolate stains and cuteass face from my mother. ======= Am on a roll! Cooked mushroom barley risotto for dinner and made roast chicken thighs for some meat to go with. The barley I [...]

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No butter, no sugar fluffy pancake recipe.

Fluffy pancakes. One of the most satisfying breakfast options in my humble opinion. Pass the lips and onto the hips, I know, I know. But really, this recipe is preeeeeetty healthy; no sugar, no egg yolks, no butter but still fluffy and delicious. # – Fluffy pancakes!! Without further ado, here’s how to cook these [...]

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The crazy simple delicious 3 bean salad recipe.

We’ve been eating a lot of beans thanks to the slow carb diet. Basically, we can still eat carbs, mainly to keep us from getting hungry but those carbs must be of “slow carb” type, which really means it has low glycemic index (low GI). Low GI foods release glucose into your bloodstream more slowly [...]

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Butterbean burger recipe.

I am currently experimenting with low glycemic index (GI), slow carb recipes in preparation for the biggest diet overhauling of our lives and this is one of the results. Butterbean burgers :D # – Butterbean burgers. In fact, even before we developed the awareness about low GI food, I’ve made bean mash before, which is [...]

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Quick basic coleslaw recipe.

This is a recipe for a basic coleslaw. I whipped this up as an accompaniment to the baby back ribs I made a while ago. It’s so easy to make….delicious, refreshing and crunchy. # – Quick basic coleslaw. This is way healthier than eating coleslaw outside too. I find it comforting to know exactly where [...]

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Homemade zucchini dip with melba toasts recipe.

Some of you might know that we embarked on a detox diet immediately after our holiday in Bangkok. How could we not? As we waddled through the airport huffing and puffing at every step, we knew something had to be done. And that something would not involve things that once had heartbeats. By the time [...]

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Simple and delicious spinach and egg bake.

This recipe is literally hot off the oven because I’ve just had it for dinner. Since it’s so simple to make and so tasty (there she goes tooting her own horn, again), I’ve decided to blog it right now. The BF is away attending some geeky event after work so I was all alone at [...]

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Recipe for my version of palak paneer.

Remember when I made my own cheese/paneer? It was actually for this Indian dish called “Palak Paneer“. Contrary to my earlier belief, it’s really not difficult to cook palak paneer. It’s probably easier to cook than a creamy western soup. A handheld blender would be most useful in the making of this dish, otherwise just [...]

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