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Making the perfect bowl of cucumber raita.

I have tried making cucumber raita in the past by simply chopping cucumbers up and chucking them into a bowl of yogurt.

Easy peasy right? Well the raita always turned out a little water-logged and tasted far too soggy, quite the opposite of refreshing.

Fortunately, I found a recipe for cucumber raita some time ago which guarantees a raita infused with cucumber flavours and the perfect texture too.

The secret to a yummy bowl of raita isn’t any special ingredient, instead, it’s the additional methods involved in making it which results in a whole lot of difference.


1 cucumber
400 grams of plain yogurt
A handful of mint leaves (optional)
Salt to taste


Muslin or cheesecloth (in my case, I bought bandage fabric from Daiso)

# – The ingredients and tools for making awesome cucumber raita.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – First, grate the cucumber – skin, seeds, flesh and all into a bowl covered with muslin/cheesecloth/bandage fabric.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Grated cucumber.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Then gather the cloth together and squeeze all liquid into the bowl. Squeeze out as much liquid as possible.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Pure cucumber juice. What do you do with this green nectar of life? Drink it up of course!
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Weigh out 400 grams of plain yogurt – 400 grams to one cucumber.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Dump in the now squeezed up cucumber bits.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Finely chop up the mint leaves.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Throw the mint leaves into the yogurt as well.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Add a pinch of salt to taste.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – With a spoon, mix it all up. Stir and stir.
Cucumber raita recipe

# – Cucumber raita, DONE! Garnish with a sprig of mint leaf if that’s your kind of thing.
Cucumber raita recipe

While you can eat it straight, I like to chill it in the fridge for a couple of hours so that the cucumber has more time to flavour the yogurt. Serve it with curries or use as crisps/vegetable dips. Delicious!

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A few things I cooked in the past months.

I am consciously trying not to write about babies and hormones. So I am going to blog about food instead.


A while ago, I attempted to make Seremban beef noodle, one of my favourite things to eat pre-preggers.

Seremban beef noodle is quite different from KL’s. The former is lighter and has a variety of textures while the latter is richer and more punchy in flavours.

It was easier to cook than I initially thought, and the recipe I used was from this lovely blog.

# – My first Seremban beef noodle attempt.

I used Korean udon noodles, which were a tad too stodgy for my taste, so stick to chinese rice noodles!

I have since developed a disdain for innards of any kind, so I probably won’t make this dish until after the baby has arrived.


Another thing I really loved pre-preggers was salt beef. The only place I know that serves good salt beef is Nutmeg at Bangsar Village 2.

Salt beef is just a cheap cut of beef that has been cured and then boiled, so instead of paying extra I decided that I should make them myself.

The recipe I used is from The Telegraph.

# – Cure brisket in spiced brine.

# – After 7 days…

# – Poach for 3 hours until tender.

# – Salf beef, DONE!

We ate it with potatoes and Dijon mustard. Well, must say I was a little underwhelmed despite the amount of effort put in to make the dish.

So, I think I will stick to going to Nutmeg (after baby comes cause the idea of eating salf beef right now makes me want to hurl), hehehe.


I friggin loveeeeeeeee hummus. I could eat it everyday. It’s quite a pity that hummus is not a more common sight at supermarkets here.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to make hummus, if you cheated….

The traditional way of making hummus is complicated, you have to pre-soak and grind the chickpeas, grind sesame seeds till they become paste, boil olive oil till it’s scalding hot etc etc but the angmoh way of doing it is very easy…just blitz with a food processor. Don’t even need cooking.

The recipe I used is from BBC.

# – Stick canned chickpeas, tahini (sesame paste), crushed garlic, lemon juice, ground cumin, olive oil, salt and water into the food processor.

# – Blitz and season if needed.

# – Serve with flat bread….so healthy and easy.

Use it like a bread spread too in sandwiches..healthier than butter. Yummy!


I had leftover pears, so I made a pear cake. I used a recipe from this blog, and it’s easily one of the easiest things I’ve ever baked.

Looks quite beautiful too I must say. The sponge was light and fluffy, the pears were soft and chewy. Yums.

# – Italian pear cake.

# – Served with vanilla ice cream.


Lastly, I made Gordon Ramsay’s pork neck curry again. I used shoulder loin (funnily, they are also called butt) and it worked very well.

Instead of mango salsa, I made apple salsa because I forgot to buy mangoes and I had loads of apples in the fridge. They worked well…just cubed apples, halved tomato cherries, lemon juice, salt & pepper and a handful of pea sprouts.

# – Yummy yum yum….served with rice.


That’s all, kthxbai.

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Cooking risotto

Am on a roll! Cooked mushroom barley risotto for dinner and made roast chicken thighs for some meat to go with.

The barley I used? The ones chinese mothers have used for generations for the familiar barley drink.

All at the cost of RM0.60 per packet.

Who needs arborio rice? Who? Suckers!

# – 2 packets of barley for two. RM1.20 WTF!

The most expensive ingredient was the fresh mushrooms. Think I’d use canned ones next time since I probably can’t tell the difference after a spot of sauteeing.

# – One ladle of stock at a time and stir. One ladle at a time.

Used this recipe for the risotto and this recipe for the chicken thighs.

By the way, you must absolutely try the chicken recipe cause it was crazy good!! No marinade, just salt & pepper. I was shocked at how delicious it was.

# – Mushroom barley risotto with roast chicken thigh.

Happy cooking!

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