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Everybody needs a Microplane grater

Hah! The day has come….no fresh laundry day. Day of picking out whatever that’s available from the deepest end of the closet. Let me present, OOTD14: # – Unintentionally lansi 1. # – Unintentionally lansi 2. Sleeveless dress from H&M. Hoodie from Puma, which I bought at airport a while ago after losing one in [...]

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New kitchen toy

I swear the mirror is clean but I just couldn’t get rid of the smudges. Anyone have any idea how to? Anyway, here is it: OOTD2 By the way, for the benefit of those who are not acronym-savvy, OOTD stands for Outfit of the Day. # – Eyes down, body straight. # – Eyes down, [...]

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My kitchen says yellow.

I’m so happy. It’s been a year since we renovated the house and finally, the kitchen is complete. Truly complete! DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! We have a mustard yellow wall in the kitchen. The plan was to hang up some pictures and shelves with an aluminium table underneath for dry working space. For more than a [...]

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My obsession with spices arrangement.

Remember my post about my spice rack? Well, I’ve gotten around to expand the collection. Behold, my spice racks… # – My spice racks give me butterflies. I had a panic attack in Ikea when I realised they ran out of my spice jars in black but as it turned out, it’s okay because I [...]

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Economy of scale.

For the longest time, my kitchen scale was this cute but tiny plastic thing bought from Daiso. It was cheap (RM5!!!) and I held no aspirations for it. My only hope was that it could at least give me a close enough measurement. # – This packet is 520 grams, right? Then I made profiteroles [...]

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I’ve got a spicy rack.

Anyone who has any semblance of interest in cooking would probably agree that a well-stocked spice rack is a sight so beguiling, it’s probably more emotionally fulfilling than the actual cooking. Yes, I have finally acquired a spice rack and 12 spice bottles from Ikea. It took me this long because the price put me [...]

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Eleven inches too many.

The house is nearing completion and it’s driving me crazy. Yesterday, we decided to pop by the house at 2am to measure our kitchen counter top because I was about to have a mental breakdown. As it turned out, it was indeed 11″ too long, which screws up the entire design of the kitchen cabinets. [...]

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Boring house stuff.

So we visited the house again this morning and found that all the power point plates and switches have been installed. Such a happy sight! # – One set of the white Clipsal switches & points which are installed throughout the house. And our wireman is also currently installing the outdoor wall lights. I’m so [...]

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