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Everybody needs a Microplane grater

Hah! The day has come….no fresh laundry day. Day of picking out whatever that’s available from the deepest end of the closet.

Let me present, OOTD14:

# – Unintentionally lansi 1.

# – Unintentionally lansi 2.

Sleeveless dress from H&M. Hoodie from Puma, which I bought at airport a while ago after losing one in a taxi. Heels from Payless Shoes and bag from ri2k.


Cooked dinner last night, Moroccan lambs chops and spinach couscous.

Dinner wasn’t planned, otherwise it would have been Moroccan lamb chops with yogurt, hummus and sultana couscous.

Anyway, just want to say that anyone who cooks needs at least one Microplane grater. I’ve got three! Got them from ebay but you can find them pretty marked-up at specialty cookware shops.

# – Snowing nutmeg on me lamb chops.

It was so effortless to grate the nutmeg. Even to this day, whenever I zest lemons, I’m just filled with pure joy everytime because I don’t have to struggle!

Microplane started out as a wood file, before thankfully moving into people’s kitchens all over the world. So yeah, you don’t want to put your finger to it.

Next Microplane on my list….a mandolin.

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New kitchen toy

I swear the mirror is clean but I just couldn’t get rid of the smudges. Anyone have any idea how to?

Anyway, here is it: OOTD2

By the way, for the benefit of those who are not acronym-savvy, OOTD stands for Outfit of the Day.

# – Eyes down, body straight.

# – Eyes down, body senget.

# – Upclose.

Got the top from some Ah Lian shop like a million years ago….think I was like 18 or something.

Funny thing was, the top was too small for me, so I could only wear it after torturous weeks of starvation. These days, it fits just nice. Phew!

The faux wraparound skirt’s inherited from mummy. Espadrille’s from Asos – very comfortable! Bag from rI2K.


Finally my new toy has arrived! I bought it on a group deal site.

# – The Banana Yogurt.

This nifty gadgetry is supposed to turn frozen fruits into soft serve ice-cream.

The purchase was totally justified, I just had my dental braces put on and I thought I’d need a healthier alternative than store bought ice-cream.


Now? Now I can chomp through solid food like a combine harvester /sheepish

Anyway, you’d think they would be more creative with the naming of the product. It’s actually an OEM version of Yonana, but Banana Yogurt? Really?

# – Yo? How does inserting fruits into a chute becomes “yo”?

Am really excited to use it. I’m going to freeze some fruits as soon as I get home.

Will review the product in detail!

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My kitchen says yellow.

I’m so happy. It’s been a year since we renovated the house and finally, the kitchen is complete. Truly complete! DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!

We have a mustard yellow wall in the kitchen. The plan was to hang up some pictures and shelves with an aluminium table underneath for dry working space.

For more than a year, all that materialised was only the aluminium table. The shelves and pictures lied around collecting dusts. We never found time.

# – The aluminium table.

Actually I have a lot of storage space in the kitchen thanks to the cabinets, but I refrained from storing my baking supplies behind the closed cabinet doors because:

1. I will actually forget where things are and will get frustrated searching for them. /scatterbrained
2. Out of sight, out of mind…baking supplies will expire before I bake anything!

So, I just arranged them on the table (see picture above). The downside, working on the table became very inconvenient as flours & sugars etc get trapped behind the containers.

As time passed, I’d also started to put more and more things on the table, such as the knives & kitchen scale which I want stored away from moisture yet still accessible. My work space shrunk even more.

Just few days ago I totally burnt my arm trying to maneuver a massive freshly baked chocolate salted caramel tart because I didn’t have sufficient space bla bla bla long story. I realised I could take no more.

Mission: to install shelves and hang the pictures!

# – Hubs screwing in the final screw to the first shelf.

# – Then the second shelf.

# – Install some hooks on the lower shelf too for hanging bananas or drying out a Peking Duck :D

# – I slowly moved all my recipe books from upstairs to the kitchen.

# – The pictures, which we bought from Cambodia and did not see the light of day since 2006 finally hung, framing the shelves. My recipe books are now home and my baking supplies are still accessible without eating up my workspace!

# – :)

Thanks hubs for installing the shelves <3

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