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My bf’s mom. I think of her as my mother from another brother. Ok, that came out really sick but you get the gist. We have a great relationship. I don’t think many people get to say that about their partners’ mothers so yeah, I feel very lucky :) She’s down to earth, she makes [...]

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Yeap, my happiness was short lived. Digi decided all of a sudden to stop working. Can’t tether my phone. Can’t use my laptop FML. So here goes another shit post from yours truly. Have a good weekend filled with stable & reliable net connection. Kthxbai. Posted from my Crackberry.

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micro singapore trip.

We were in Singapore yesterday from 10.30pm till 1.30am. Had kungpow frog porridge in Geylang for supper. It was awesome!!! Will blog about the restaurant properly soon. # – Awesomesauce froggies. After supper, we drove around aimlessly for a while and saw the Singapore Eye as well as the super trendy Marina Sands. Very impressive [...]

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harlo singapore.

On the way to Singapore to run some errands cum short getaway. Will be back tomorrow. Streamyx still down. Dude came to check and said their side is fine but the cable from the box into our aprtment is not so we have to find our own wireman to fix the fried cable. Just great! [...]

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oops not another filler!

Damn, it’s 11pm now and I haven’t managed to publish today’s post. Quite a busy day today, mostly spent in traffic jams thanks to the epic rain this afternoon. It’s pretty scary to drive in Bangsar in heavy rain. Trees were falling left and right and manhole covers on the road were dislodged turning into [...]

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ops i forgot about my blog today

Blogging from our neighbourhood mamak while waiting for dinner to be served. Been a busy day, checking out floor skirtings and then work, work and work. Probably going to work till late tonight too but I forsee at least an hour spent on watching Breaking Bad. It’s totally one of my favourite series ever! Got [...]

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