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Photo excursion to Sekinchan.

On Saturday, we popped up early in the morning to join Shutter Asia‘s photography trip to Sekinchan, a rice producing and fisherman town in Selangor. It’s about a 100km to the north from Damansara.

The weather was super gorgeous (for photography that is) with blue skies and fluffy clouds. But it was scorching hot; I was totally roasting under the sun.

I haven’t touched my old faithful, the D70s for a while and was worried about how the pictures might turn out. Thank goodness, they weren’t too bad. I could use most of the shots without having to process them heavily. In fact, the pictures below were only slightly edited for blowouts and watermark. Otherwise they came out straight from the camera.

#1 – Irrigation system for the paddy fields.

#2 – Apparently, most of the locally produced rice are exported while we eat Thai imported rice.

#3 – No. 59

#4 – Banana leaves.

#5 – More paddy.

#6 – A mator that has seen its better days.

#7 – Low tide, slow day at the jetty.

#8 – Making dumplings.

#9 – Packing up the fishballs.

#10 – This is where your fishballs originated.

#11 – PS3 and Wii? Kids still play catapults here.

Nice to go to a place like that on the weekends. So idyllic and relaxing.

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Chiang Mai – Part 2

This is a continuation of my last post on Thailand.

The elephant park is really cool! It’s also a resort cum school for learning how to train elephants. I think it’s a such a novel way to spend your holidays, learning how to train elephants.

#1 – Elephants bathing in the river with the student trainers.

You don’t see any elephant locked up in a cages like Malaysia. The area is free for the elephants to wander about but they’re never without a master (mahout) so you don’t have to be afraid about getting trampled into a pulp :P

#2 – Posing with baby of the herd.

There’s also an elephant show where they get to show off their talents. It’s pretty amazing what these bigass animals can do. Balancing on one leg on a tree trunk, moving stuff around etc. The baby elephant even knew how to help a person put a hat on!

#3 – Baby elephant putting a hat over the girl’s head.

And they can paint! You can buy an elephant’s painting from 500 baht and above.

#4 – Elephant paintings gallery.

The sanctuary’s got a blog here, you can see much better pictures of the elephants and the activities there.

We left the elephant sanctuary for Wat Phra That Lampang Luang. The sky was glorious, just perfect for pictures.

#5 – Temple entrance.

There weren’t many people so it felt really serene and peaceful. I could hang out there for a while.

#6 – Prayers in progress.

#7 – Under the bell.

#8 – Another one at the entrance before leaving.

Next, we went to a ceramics factory, nothing much to shout about. It’s huge and filled with high quality ceramic stuff for sale. I got a couple of ceramic magnets as souveniers and a mug. I thought of buying more stuff but the moment I put something into my shopping basket, my brain screamed LOGISTIC NIGHTMARE.

Dinner time was at this restaurant called Khum Khan Tok. We were treated to a cultural show and authentic Thai food presented specially for very honoured guests.

#9 – Thai food platter.

Speaking of this food platter, it’s basically a few bowls of different food with dips. My favourite part of the platter is definitely the bowl of pork cracklings. Hmmm hmmm. Best thing about it? It’s refillable, babeh.

#10 – Pork cracklings.

After dinner, we even got to light up these lanterns, not unlike the traditional chinese flying lanterns. Lighting those lanterns was a hot affair, literally.

#11 – Lighting up the lantern. Can you spot my me?

#12 – Drifting away…

#13 – And away…

We went back to hotel in a tuktuk convoy lead by a cop. We felt like proper VIPs!

#14 – In my tuktuk.

#15 – My tuktuk driver.

#16 – One with the convoy leader. A real police! Don’t play play.

Next post will be about Chiang Rai, kap kun ka!

Read Chiang Mai – Part 1.

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Charcoal factory in Kuala Sepetang.

I’m so completely lacking of blogging urges these days it’s not funny. I’m a pathetic excuse for a blogger…people should just call me booger instead.

Anyway, I went to Perak/Penang for Shutter Asia‘s 2nd Anniversary. It was a fun trip except that I was completely immobilised on the 2nd day due to menstrual cramps. Yeah, I guess you don’t have to know that but it’s my boog.

On the first day, we went to a really picturesque charcoal factory in Kuala Sepetang near Simpang. It was my first time seeing how charcoals are made, it’s pretty fascinating. I took about 80 pictures, but they mostly turned out crappy. I really need to practise -_-

Here are some of the decent ones:

#1 – Charcoal factory.
Charcoal factory.

#2 – Workers on a break.
Workers resting

#3 – Old man chilling out. He’s worked there for the past 40 years.

#4 – Sorting out the bits.

#5 – Personal belongings.
Personal belongings.

#6 – The river by the factory where they transport the logs.

#7 – 62 year old former fisherman.
62 year old former fisherman.

p/s: All pictures were taken with Nikon D70s / 50mm.

p/p/s: Some were not watermarked because my batch action fucked up and I was too lazy to fix it.

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