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Oh hello there, long time no see.

It’s not that I haven’t been blogging, but I’ve been a lot more active on DAYRE. Whenever I’m breastfeeding Liam or rocking him to sleep in my arms, I could post on DAYRE instead of my main blog because it’s just far more convenient to update on my phone. There’s also a very good community on DAYRE which I have grown to love. It really reminds me of the old days of blogging.

I love DAYRE because it’s somewhere I could really put down my thoughts daily. Whenever I post on my blog or twitter or instagram, I’ve always tried to at least make it sound or look somewhat pretty (as much as I can lah) but on DAYRE, it’s just all out there.

Not to say that my content on DAYRE is of less quality. Perhaps less compelling (as if the content here is more compelling hur hur hur but bear with me) but definitely more real.

So if you would still like to read about my everyday, you can check me out at

Even the husband is on it, he’s an even bigger fan I think! You can check him out at

Of course I will continue to blog here, I’m just not ready to let this go yet since I’ve been blogging here for almost 10 years!


Update on Liam. 2 weeks ago at his monthly check-up, he weighed a hefty 5.4kg! I was so chuffed. He’s a far cry from the tiny 1.7kg baby he was.

Whenever I look at him nowadays, I can’t even believe that he was a preterm baby, a 32 weeker at that! I feel very grateful that he’s growing up healthily and hope it will always be so.

This is pretty much my life everyday, lying and rolling around in bed in my underwear entertaining the little one till he falls asleep. And when he does, I will take pictures or try to blog (as I’m doing right now).

I do other little things too I suppose, which again, you could check out at my DAYRE, hahaha.


I’ve also changed the header picture of this blog. If you’re still seeing the old one, please press CTRL + F5 to refresh.

I know, I know, it’s humongous but I just couldn’t make it smaller as I couldn’t bear to crop out either Liam’s face or my face.

But he’s just so incredibly cute in this picture, isn’t he??


What I wore for this year’s Halloween:

It’s an old sailor costume I bought online from years ago, quilted bag was from a now defunct online shop and the pumps were bought in Bangkok.

Not very mommy-esque I suppose but hey you only live once. Someone commented rudely on this blog about me posting naked pictures of myself on Instagram (I never did. Ok, implied nudity perhaps hur hur hur) and that it’s unbecoming for a mother but to my own defence, I won’t have these breasts forever, you know.


So, here’s a dorky picture of me to balance it all out.

Happy now?

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Dinner discussion with husband, among other things

I posted this screenshot of a conversation I had with my husband, conducted entirely in Bahasa Malaysia, on Facebook.

Sorry for the non-halal topic!

It seems that many people find it hilarious. I wonder is it because my husband is a mat salleh or because of the usage of the language?


My colleague got me this prawn candies from Ipoh. Anyone remember this?

Sweet, savoury and crunchy. I couldn’t stop eating it I must have had about 30 pieces today!


Okay, I have succumbed. I have downloaded that damned mobile game called Flappy Bird. Let me just say that this game is systematically destroying my self-esteem.

It is bloody HARD!!!!! I’ve tried for so long and I have only managed a score of 5. FIVE!!! WTF???

Try it lah!


I think these deals from Celcom are just fantastic. Personally I am already using the Note2 (which I have no qualms in declaring as the best phone I have ever owned) and on Celcom network (which I am supremely happy with) so if I were to upgrade, this Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Rose Gold Edition promos would be perfect for me!

# – Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Rose Gold Edition….so beautiful!

When you purchase the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Rose Gold Edition from Celcom, you can enjoy a free Moschino phone case worth RM189. The case is very nice!!! Very matching with the rose gold Note3. I want it!

# – Moschino phone case.

Also, if you sign up for any Celcom First with mPro plan with the Samsung GALAXY Note3 in any colour, you can get the cool Samsung GALAXY Gear in orange colour at only RM288. Very “ong” for this Chinese New Year!

# – Samsung GALAXY Gear.

So Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and this might just be the best gift for your partner! To find out more information, click here.

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Happy Chinese New Year 2014!

When I discovered that I had a puncture in the basement carpark of my office just before chinese new year, the first thing that popped into my head was, “Wow..this snake ain’t happy about leaving!”

Kept my cool and called the husband, who promptly gave me several numbers to call. My saviour arrived in less than 15 minutes. He discovered a tiny pebble lodged within the valve of the affected tyre. I racked my brains trying to figure out if I had pissed anyone off on the road or while parking, nothing came to mind. This could only be the work of a mischievous vandal.

# – My saviour.

Anyway, I was just really happy I didn’t have to get stuck for hours and that my bouts of diarrhoea had calmed down significantly. Yeap, I have failed to mention that I was already suffering from the embarrassing affliction for over a week. This snake ain’t happy about leaving!

Thankfully, that was pretty much it – peeing from my ass and getting a flat tyre. By CNY’s eve, everything was back to normal. Oh, I’m also proud to announce that my credit cards are at ZERO balance. Glad to have gotten that off my back!

Reunion dinner was steamboat at my mom’s. My white husband even brought his own bottle of Sriracha. He’s very serious about his steamboat.

# – Steamboat yum yum.

Can’t do a reunion without Charlie….he’s my hairy son afterall! Coco, my brother’s mutt is still as in love with Charlie as ever.

# – Coco and Charlie.

On the first day of Chinese New Year, I totally dressed up. Even put on some make-up! Curled my hair with the Babyliss Miracurl – this is definitely one of the best beauty products I have ever owned.

# – OOTD for 1st day of CNY.

Got the dress from Kitschen. Not sure about the phallic symbols.

Mom made my favourite vegetarian dish – Lo Hon Jai or Buddha’s Delight. The husband got his favourite Lap Mei Fan – rice with assortment of waxed meat.

# – Lohonjai and lapmeifan.

After breakfast, we drove to Mentakab to visit my popo. She cooked up a storm as usual.

# – More foooood!

After visiting my popo and my cousins, we came back to KL and I basically vegetated for the rest of the holiday.

Really enjoyed this year’s simple CNY celebration. I am feeling very positive for the year of the horse and hope you are too. Happy Chinese New Year!

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