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Nice Saturday

Breaking out new stuff from Bangkok… # – Leg out. # – Leg crossed. # – Legs straight. Peasant top and shorts from Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok. Flats from a market in Hanoi. Bag from Louis Vuitton. ======= Had a nice day out with hubs doing a spot of shopping and catching up with my [...]

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My kiddie pool

Casual Friday! Put on a dress that’s a tad too sheer in sunlight, so put on leggings too. The key is comfort. # – Arm down. # – Arm up. # – Close-up. Got the dress from a flea market, probably pre-loved…I’m not too sure. As you have probably noticed, I have no qualms wearing [...]

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Pom Pom Island

I have a new mission, to document what I wear everyday, whatever it is. Knowing me, you’d see probably a lot of homeless WTF styles. I’m no fashionista, I don’t shop that much (some would disagree) so I need to mix and match what I have, sometimes with disastrous results. Here it the first: OOTD1 [...]

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Diving in Redang – October 2011.

I want to dedicate this post to C, who tragically passed away from a car accident while on the way back home from this trip. Although it was only very briefly, I’m glad that our paths crossed and that we had so much fun in those 3 days. I will always remember you – chatty, [...]

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A real update.

Sorry for the slew of advertorials this week. Sometimes they come all at once and I won’t have slots for personal blog posts to publish. Not that I’m not complaining really, because being paid to write about what you enjoy (food, parties etc)….not a lot of people get to do that! Anyway, here’s a real [...]

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Re-discovering scuba.

Something that many don’t know, I could have gotten a diving license around the time when I was 18 but after several lessons, I was suddenly stricken with chronic back pain that lasted for an entire month. Mom suspected that it was caused by heavy oxygen tanks that my instructor then insisted I haul and [...]

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