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Fourth day in Bangkok with mom

Dressed for comfort again :P OOTD 32: # – Don’t judge me. Baggy tee bought in Platinum Fashion Mall (ironic? lol). Same shorts from Nichii. Yeah I don’t wash it often. Sandals from Ipanema Gisele Bundchen. Bag from Longchamp. ======== We have done the markets and street food so on 4th day, we decided to [...]

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Third day in Bangkok with mom

Wow!!! My 31st outfit! I managed to stick it out for 31 days! Don’t think I have ever blogged for a month straight in my entire blogging history too hehe Walao, OOTD31: # – In the lift. Dressed for war in Chatuchak. Guinness print t-shirt from don’t know where.  Shorts from Nichii. Bag from Longchamp [...]

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Second day in Bangkok with mom

Sometimes I think I have completely abused the sanctity of OOTD. Girls who dress up so carefully and post beautifully composed pictures of their outfits, my deepest apologies. This is merely just a document of what I wear daily – bad or good. Ladies and gentlemen, OOTD30: # – Legs straight. # – Leg crossed. [...]

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First day in Bangkok with mom

Dressed comfortably for a plane ride. OOTD29: # – With sunglasses. # – Without sunglasses. Black maxi dress from Sally Fashion. Cheap, cheerful and comfortable. Sandals from Ipanema Gisele Bundchen, bag from Longchamp and sunglasses from Bazarro. # – I bought it for the hoodie. ======= As you probably have known, am on holiday with [...]

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Blogging from Krabi!

Hello from Krabi! I just woke up and now enjoying a cup of tea on our balcony. # – Pick me up. This trip is Gareth’s company retreat actually, but I get to join because I satisfy his company’s conditions of either being a spouse or having co-habitating for more than two years, and being [...]

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Eating bird’s spit soup in Bangkok.

I grew up eating bird’s nest and I never knew they were made of bird’s spit until one day, a documentary told me so. # – A bowl of spit, served with a half boiled egg, gingko nuts and syrup. Surprisingly, I wasn’t shocked or disgusted. I guess I’ve always been quite gungho and adventurous [...]

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T&K Seafood in Bangkok’s Chinatown.

I wish we had known about this restaurant on the day we arrived in Bangkok. Well, perhaps not knowing was really a blessing in disguise, otherwise I would have insisted to eat at the same place for four straight days and that would have made us really lousy holiday makers/foodies, wouldn’t that? T&K Seafood was [...]

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The suckling pig in Bangkok.

The BF’s plans were derailed thanks to our flight’s delay. Instead of arriving in Bangkok just in time for our first Thai lunch before checking into our hotel, we arrived in front of our hotel, exhausted and famished. The first thing that greeted me after I exited the taxi was the picture of a chubby [...]

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Birthday Bubble Bath ftw!

Heya it’s my birthday woohoo! Just got back from a mad shopping session at Chatuchak and soaking in a bath to unwind :D # – Bubble bath FTW As some of you might know, the boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Bangkok. Apparently he had planned it for about 2 months and I had [...]

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