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Day 1 – Being in Hollywood.

Although I’ve posted an entry on Los Angeles, I’ve never really elaborated much on the city. This post is an effort to make sure that I will not completely lose touch with my experience in the City of Angels. Right now, my memory is sketchy at best but what I do remember clearly is this: [...]

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City of Angels.

I’ve always suspected that I was a nutcase. Well, there’s no more doubt about it from today onwards. Anyway, here are the overdue pictures from Los Angeles. One of the best trips I’ve ever had. I shook the hand that shook Tom Cruise’s hand. I had Creole food for the first time. I had the [...]

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I’m almost back.

So yeah I just came back from Los Angeles. The highlight of my trip was KOBE BRYANT. w00t! Yeah I saw them Lakers, at the Staples ;) Did a whole lot of other touristy stuff too of course. Went to K-Mart and stocked up on the Reese’s Peanutbutter. w00t! Work was cool. Phew… Pictures soon…but [...]

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