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London calling

This picture was taken at KLIA. Don’t know why I looked so pale. Maybe something to do with being awake for over 24 hours. Dressed for 13 hours flight. # – Looking ahead. Fuzzy top was thrifted. My regular harem pants from Nichii. Hoodie from Puma. Bags from Samsonite and Louis Vuitton. Sandals from Ipanema [...]

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River cruise

Here’s a break from my usual mirror. Wore this to Damien & Amy’s wedding dinner. Ladies & gents, OOTD11: # – Legs crossed. # – Legs apart. # – Legs hidden. # – Legs not hidden. The dress is from H&M. Gold stilettos from Payless Shoes, clutch bought in Bangkok. Watch is my favourite Tough [...]

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My kiddie pool

Casual Friday! Put on a dress that’s a tad too sheer in sunlight, so put on leggings too. The key is comfort. # – Arm down. # – Arm up. # – Close-up. Got the dress from a flea market, probably pre-loved…I’m not too sure. As you have probably noticed, I have no qualms wearing [...]

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New kitchen toy

I swear the mirror is clean but I just couldn’t get rid of the smudges. Anyone have any idea how to? Anyway, here is it: OOTD2 By the way, for the benefit of those who are not acronym-savvy, OOTD stands for Outfit of the Day. # – Eyes down, body straight. # – Eyes down, [...]

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Pom Pom Island

I have a new mission, to document what I wear everyday, whatever it is. Knowing me, you’d see probably a lot of homeless WTF styles. I’m no fashionista, I don’t shop that much (some would disagree) so I need to mix and match what I have, sometimes with disastrous results. Here it the first: OOTD1 [...]

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New year, new hair.

Since it’s chinese new year, guess it’s time to show off my latest hairstyle :D # – Happy Chinese New Year 2011!!! Bought the dress while walking mindlessly in Nichii. I’ve been shopping there since they were just a little shoplot in Sungai Besi and despite its maligned reputation (Ah Lian, cheap etc) I still [...]

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Yeap, that’s what I am. Can’t be wasting such nice makeup and hair (had a magazine shoot, wahhhhhhhh I sound so glam right?). I really admire girls who take time to apply makeup and style their hair everyday, it’s so much work!!! I wish I were half as disciplined so that I don’t need to [...]

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Attempting a Katharine Hepburn.

If there’s anyone that I look up to for fashion inspiration, it’s Katharine Hepburn. I love her, she doesn’t reveal much skin, was always in masculine clothing but yet she still managed to come off looking sexy and powerful. Truth be told, I’ll never in my life ever be able to attain even 1/4 of [...]

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Simple fashion upgrade, just cut!

I like how having a non-existent social life is forcing me to do things that I normally procrastinate. The other day I altered a dowdy cheongsam and today, I altered a top! Very easy to do though, no sewing involved and I just loveeeeee the final results. I bought this top quite a while ago. [...]

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