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DIY Nail Art Tutorial – Lavender Bling.

As some of you may know, I’m living on a budget now thanks to the house renovation. Have cut down on a lot of luxuries, particularly manicures/pedicures. My last one, a spa manicure/pedicure at that, was a free one thanks to a voucher given to me by Kerol. Thanks babe! Since, my nails have been [...]

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Simple Girlish Nail Art

The secrets to professionally manicured looking nails are the shape of the nails, cuticle management and the condition of the polish. Square shape nails are the best. It looks timeless, easy to maintain and easy to cut – just cut across! You can also prevent in-grown nails with square shaped nails. I do like stubby [...]

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DIY nail art tutorial

love the weekends. finally some time to pamper myself. i got my lashes done yesterday, and this morning with charlie lying calmly at my feet, i even got a manicure done. i’m so productive :) since i’m at it, i might as well post a tutorial on how i did it. you need a clear [...]

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Moonlight Resonance and nails.

Been at my bf’s for a while, I’m missing my pup Sisi. Mom if you’re reading this please give her a hug for me. I’ve finally finished watching Moonlight Resonance via youtube after catching it half-way on Astro at my parents’. I like the series, but I really couldn’t stand all the cheesy family moments, [...]

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