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What is this mysterious package?

Woke up to my doorbell ringing furiously. That means there’s a package for us by a courier or postman.

By the time I got decent and got out, there was nobody at our gate, but a box with my name on it.

It’s very nicely packaged though, so I didn’t think it’s something sinister. Hahaha am very naive, if people want to prank me very easy ya :P

Just wrap a snake in a nice box and I will open it, no questions.


Anyway, I did open it and there’s no snake. Just a torchlight and a bag of unbranded diapers. Errr, what?

The torchlight is nifty, I like one for when I walk Charlie at night. As for the diapers….perfect lah cause I have a baby. I’m going to test it out!

You know as a blogger I always get stuff to review but never an unbranded item so I hope it’s awesome. The diapers feels soft to the touch and looks longer than other diapers too so I’m also really curious as to which brand is this! And how they got my home address lol

After further rummaging, I noticed a note stuck within the package…it says I need to post the picture of the package and to find out who’s the package is from I need to get 300 shares in order for Michiekins to get the next clue. Now I really need your help to guess who this mysterious sender is!

All you need to do is retweet or favourite my Tweet here, thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

Liam, don’t eat my torchlight please!

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8 reasons my son Liam is crying

Kids. One minute he is all lovey dovey and touching your face with his saliva drenched hand, the next minute he’s wailing like you just cut off his finger.

When he’s had his milk, his nap and in clean, fresh diapers yet still crying…take a deep breath and take pictures so that in 15 years you can embarrass him on the interwebs.

Behold, 8 reasons why my son cries:

1. This walker stinks.

2. This highchair stinks.

3. Carrots stink.

4. This dog stinks.

5. This changing station stinks.

6. This carseat stinks.

7. This steering wheel stinks.

8. Mummy, you stink!

Very attractive, son.

Sorry Liam, you brought this upon yourself.

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My washer dryer saves me from my messy baby.

I knew having a newborn means having more laundry to do but I was told that the load would lessen as he grows up.

Well? Liam is almost 7 months old now and you know what?

It’s all lies. Lies. All lies!!

In fact, my laundry load has gotten bigger since he started solid food.

We are doing this thing called “Baby Led Weaning” or BLW which basically means he gets to feed himself. Sounds messy? Yes, it’s REALLY REALLY MESSY.

Food everywhere, on his clothes, on his chair, on his bib (twice a day omg) and on the floor.

The only consolation I get is his cute face and my LG washer/dryer.

Yes, our washer/dryer. Heaven sent!

It’s so intelligent that when the start button is pressed, the machine would identify the load and work to optimise water level and cycle time according to the size and type of load as well as water temperature.

This is great for me because it prevents my new paranoid mommy brains from selecting spin speeds that are too fast or water temperatures that are too high, which could result in damage to our clothes, especially the delicate baby clothings.

I bet there are many of Liam’s clothes that our washer/dryer has rescued from my hands.

The “Time Delay” function is so important nowadays as I could just chuck all the stuff that needs washing into the belly of the machine and then set for laundry to be done during Liam’s naptime so I can leisurely hang out the laundry while the bub plays in dreamland.

Gone are the days where the baby was so difficult that when he naps, I would rather just nap too than drive out to collect our laundry from the dobi haha.

From my 6’5″ frame husband’s enormous clothes to my 66 centimeters baby’s tiny clothings to our towels, bedsheets, curtains, shoes and soft toys, we have put them to the test in the LG Washer/Dryer.

Even Liam approves!

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