Mentaiko and rice…finally!

Truth is, things have been rather rough for me at the health front. No point in dwelling so I will move to things that make me happy. ++++++ I love mentaiko – whether in onigiri, pasta or temaki. The saltiness and pepperiness of the pollock roe – sublime! Thing is though, I could never find [...]

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Happy Chinese New Year 2014!

When I discovered that I had a puncture in the basement carpark of my office just before chinese new year, the first thing that popped into my head was, “Wow..this snake ain’t happy about leaving!” Kept my cool and called the husband, who promptly gave me several numbers to call. My saviour arrived in less [...]

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My 2013 in a large nutshell

The time has come to review my 2013. What a good year! We travelled a bit, cooked a bit and generally figured out more about life. Rather than rambling on, here goes: January 2013 ============ January started out really, really well. A bunch of good friends and the husband got together to give me the [...]

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What I cooked for Winter Solstice dinner celebration 2013

My family decided to celebrate Winter Solstice earlier this year because of its proximity to Christmas. I was in charge of cooking, while hubs was in charge of cleaning the house. I made a 9-course dinner. ====== For appetiser, I made a cold dish called Chicken Crystal Jelly, which is an aspic. I added blanched [...]

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The Secret Garden of Crabtree & Evelyn

I was in Pavillion KL recently, the Christmas decorations at Pavillion were mind-blowingly gorgeous! Besides enjoying the festive atmosphere at the shopping complex, I also checked out one of the roadshows for Crabtree & Evelyn’s biggest campaign for 2013 – “A Secret Garden Adventure”. Love, love, love the array of products available! There’s also a [...]

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Happy 9th Anniversary to us!

Today marks the 9th anniversary of the day we officially set eyes on each other. We have had our challenges through the years, but we always emerge stronger and better. Looking forward to many more years with you, Gareth. I love you so much. # – Making our 9th Anniversary cake. Hehe.

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Korean food craving.

Everybody has phases when it comes to food, myself included. For the past few weeks I have been craving for Korean food. I just love that wholesome, spicy, sour tastes. Very titillating to palate. Naturally it got me interested in actually whipping up a few Korean dishes. And so I did…. # – Bibimbap. My [...]

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Old lady, dragon lady and Downton Abbey

Had a senior moment this morning at the office. Was having a pee. Then decided to use the bidet. Turned it on and…. Water shot straight out of the hose, hit the ceiling and rained back down on me. FML. =========== I think I am too blunt for my own good. Over the years I [...]

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Bitchy = stupid.

What to blog? Sometimes I do miss the early days of my blogging. I could share, gloat and rant with youthful abandonment. It’s not the same anymore. I find it so hard to put my thoughts into writing, afraid of polluting the universe with negative energy. Yes, I sound exactly just that – a kumbaya [...]

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