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Post-CNY filler post.

I’m hardly in the mood to be nice to people. Pissed at having to decline an all expense paid trip to Singapore for a phone launch because it’s on a workday (love my job too much to fake an MC). Tired of explaining to people working at petrol stations why I’m not driving a Subaru [...]

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Aww inducing pictures.

Everyone’s gathered together for Reunion Dinner, including the pups. Yeah, my Dad got another black & white shih tzu and he’s named Brad. We prefer to call him Brat though cause he’s the most boisterous, naughty little thing. He has no qualms jumping off from high places and he always lands on the floor by [...]

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Friday quick notes.

Yeah it’s getting busier at work. Regional Meeting next week across the causeway and my passport had only 4 months left. Got it done in Shah Alam at noon and it’s easy peasy. I think going in the afternoon is the best. Dude at the counter asked me whether I’ve lost weight cause I looked [...]

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Everyone, meet Charlie :)

Yes, I’ve got a new pet and his name is Charlie. I was at a pet store this afternoon to look for some new goodies for Sisi but Charlie, who was only “the cocker spaniel” couple of hours ago totally captured my heart. I just had to get him and I did, within 5 minutes [...]

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